Feed Your Stray Cats!

Why it’s time to start treating your website visitors like stray cats


cat drinking a milkIf you’ve got a website and people are visiting it, you want them to stay while, right? Let me explain how treating them like stray cats will do just that.

When I was a kid, a ginger cat hung around outside our house. One day it crept in through the front door, so I did what any kid would do – I shut the door thinking I had secured a pet! Yay for me, right?  Um… no!

The cat ran around like a headless chook, climbing and scratching the curtains and clawing at the couch until I opened the door and let him out. Phew!

I’d thought that because it came to our house (your website) and walked in the door (looked at a few pages), that it was here to stay! But I was wrong. I’d scared him off.

Sofa with cat scratches, ruined.A few days later the cat reappeared (at a distance) and my mum suggested I leave out a saucer of milk. But the cat ignored it and walked away. The next day he came a bit closer, checked out the milk and left. I continued putting out milk and after a few days he drank it! Success!

Over the next few weeks I left milk and the occasional meat scrap out for the cat and finally the day came when he let me pat him. Nawwww. Eventually the cat jumped up on my lap while I watched TV. As long as I continued showing him attention, he stayed for longer AND kept coming back.

Avoid “selling” too hard and “feed” them what they want

Man in red plaid tartan shirt holding a curious ginger cat.

If you try to “sell” too hard to an interested person they can easily be scared off but if you feed them some good information, advice, tips and industry knowledge you gain their trust and showcase your expertise.

It’s important to “feed” the 70-80% of your audience who are not quite ready to deal with you now, but could be in the near future. So when they’re ready to make a decision, you already have that existing relationship.

By leveraging who you know, now, you can drastically reduce your marketing and advertising spend and put in place a very simple, effective strategy. It’s the fastest way to grow your database of satisfied customers … and it’s cheap.

4 tips for “feeding” website visitors so they don’t run for the hills

  1. Place compelling “snacks” on your website encouraging visitors to stay longer, return or better yet, sign up to receive more “snacks” in the future.
  1. Focus on the people visiting your website, not you. A lot of websites look amazing, are easy to navigate and mobile responsive but they focus on what they can do, what they would do and how great they are… but do little to prove it. So they end up looking just like every other supplier in the market.
  1. Make your snacks irresistible. If you left a bottle of beer out for the stray cat, would he return? What if we’d put some broccoli on the saucer? Make sure the snacks are ones your visitors want to indulge in.
  1. You don’t want your visitors to just pick up the saucer of milk and take it away with them, so find ways to ensure they stick around for more engagement.

Where do I get the snacks? And how do I offer them to my visitors?

This is where technology comes in. Lead generation and nurturing strategies are easily accessible these days and pretty simple to implement if you have the time. The best thing about them? They are completely automated, ticking along in the background while you continue servicing incoming leads or existing clients.

How do I know this is the right marketing strategy for my business?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to grow my business and get more sales?
  • Do I have a website?
  • Am I driving traffic to it?
  • Am I getting poor quality leads?
  • Do I have the “snacks” available to share with my visitors?
  • Would having an automated system allow me to scale my business?
  • Do I want to add value to my clients?

Answer YES to a few, or all? Maybe it’s time to try something new?


About the Author:

Former Head of Sales and Marketing for RightWay during what was one of their fastest and most successful periods to date. Now helping others to achieve fast growth by sharing his experiences...Good and Bad!